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Creepypasta time!
I have been getting into creepypasta stories so much that I'm going to write one of my own.
I'm using this soure to see what elements Ineed to use.
The story will be about Slenderman since I'm doind a presentation for school on him.
My turn to try my chance at writing
Picture of what he looks like: Slendy
Source from here: http://www.slendermanmythos.com/category/games/

Writer's Block: Educate Me
What subject(s) do you think kids should be taught more about in school? What do you feel gets too much emphasis already?
WE should learn more about science subjects such as physics, chemistry, anatomy, and other such.
Today, we have a lot of emphasis on mathematics since it is a very important subject.

Writer's Block: Meow vs. Arf
Dogs are the best! Nough said